Pope's Garden Services
Health and Safety Policy
Setting the scene

Popes Garden Services is Owned and Managed by Peter Pope,

We maintain Commercial and Privately owned gardens in and around
Surrey, we also do light landscape, patios, ponds, paths, and fencing.

Most of our time is spent out and about on jobs or travelling to and from,   
Office time is done by peter pope.

Popes Garden Services have prepared there own health and safety
policy statement,

Peter genuinely cares for his staff and wants to portray this in his health
and safety policy, Such as remote working, personal protective equipment, staff consultation and
training etc. Peter decided that he is experienced and capable to take responsibility for health and
safety issues.

This policy will be under review and updated every year or straight away if there are any major
changes in the workplace.

Employers with five or more employees should have a written health
and safety policy and risk assessment.
We do not have that many at this time but feel this is an important document

Our HSE Policy in full